As we prepare to gather together to celebrate family and give thanks for all that we have, there remain a few important decisions that we need to make before Thanksgiving arrives.

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Families all around Western New York are finalizing their preparations for Thanksgiving.

Hopefully, all of the key questions that need to be answered have been figured out by now:

  • Who is hosting everyone for thanksgiving dinner this year?
  • When is dinner going to start?
  • What time is dinner actually going to be served?
  • What exactly is going to be on the dinner menu?
  • What family members will be responsible for all of the different side dishes?
  • Does anyone have the nerve to tell Aunt Jackie that her Mac & Cheese is too dry and that she should let someone else make it this year?

If you have these questions all set, there there is really only one question left to answer.

Do You Like It Fresh or Canned?

Fresh Cranberry Sauce or Canned Cranberry Sauce?

This is one of those age-old questions that we have yet to come to a concrete answer on. I actually wonder if the pilgrims pondered this exact same question during the first thanksgiving.

This is such an important question, that I had to ask my Facebook network for some opinions.

Now personally, I love cranberries; I can eat them all day as a snack but, keep that mess away from my thanksgiving plate. However, it seems that most people who responded are leaning towards canned cranberry sauce, with a large group preferring fresh cranberry sauce.

Do You Need A Turkey?

If you, or someone you know, could use a turkey this year, you can nominate a family to receive a free turkey from Steve Harvey and the Steve Harvey Morning Show.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show Turkey Giveaway, which is powered by GA Family Services, is underway and we want to make sure families in Buffalo and Western New York who may be facing hardships can get a turkey for Thanksgiving this year.

You can nominate a family who needs a helping hand by telling us in 93 words or less about the family and why you are nominating them.

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