There are all types of food and beverage products containing cannabis that are now legal in New York State, But, is it legal for those types of products to mix alcohol and marijuana? According to Medical News Today,

Marijuana can have a depressant effect, but it is not only a depressant. It may also act as a stimulant or hallucinogen. For this reason, marijuana is a depressant, stimulant, and hallucinogen.

As far as alcohol's classification, many people think it's a stimulant, according to Healthline,

Alcohol has some initial stimulant effects, but it’s primarily a depressant — meaning it slows your body down.


Is It Safe To Mix Cannabis And Alcohol?

Many people who used marijuana before adult recreational use was legal in New York State also consumed alcohol at the same time (although probably not in the same product). According to Medical News Today, it's not considered safe to mix the two,

Combining weed and alcohol can increase the effects of both drugs and cause adverse reactions. Their combined use can cause blackouts, memory loss, and an increased likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors.


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Edible marijuana products have strict production standards in New York State.

Any person extracting or manufacturing cannabinoid hemp in New York State is required to obtain a license from the New York State Department of Health (Department).

Any company or person who produces marijuana food or beverage products must test for and meet certain limits for,

cannabinoids, heavy metals, microbial impurities, mycotoxins, residual pesticides, residual solvents and processing chemicals.


In New York, Can Cannabis Products Contain Alcohol Also?

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Not containing tobacco or alcohol

When it comes to mixing marijuana and food, it is in fact illegal in New York State,

Product requirements include but are not limited to: not containing more than 0.3% total Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol concentration; not containing tobacco or alcohol; not being in the form of an injectable, transdermal patch, inhaler, suppository, flower product including cigarette, cigar or pre-roll, or any other disallowed form as determined by the department; if sold as a food or beverage product, not have more than 25mg of cannabinoids per product; and, if sold as an inhalable cannabinoid hemp product, a number of additional safety measures.


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