I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes women can be a little crazy…men can too…but in all seriousness everyone has had that moment they reach their breaking point with their significant other. The next question lies in, how mad do you get? Has the expression ‘I could just kill you’ every cross your mind…sure, but you’re not serious…or are you?

Well in the case of Dalia Dippolito she was serious… she was so discontented with her marriage of barely ONE  year that she went as far as to hire a hit man in order to kill off 38-year-old Florida man Michael Dippolito. What makes this strange love scene even more bizarre is the amount of evidence against this woman, and her comical cling to her innocence…I mean when you try to hire an UNDERCOVER cop to MURDER your husband…that’s a tough one to talk your way out of…But what was her motivation?

Although Michael clung to the idea that he believed all was well in paradise, one of the first things put into consideration were the possible financial benefits of his death. In recent times before the incident, Michael had recently signed over the deed to his $243,000 townhouse to his wife Dalia. There was also consideration that the criminal history of Michael, who was arrested in 2003 and served time into 2004 after being convicted of grand theft and organized fraud, had something to do with it, but those accusations were quickly adjourned. Finally, there was the defense’s side of the story; in what I call a ‘cling to desperation,’ the defense presented the idea that this whole murder scheme was elaborated by both parties in order to save Michael’s career as a reality TV host…ok, not un-heard of in our day and age, but how did police pinpoint Dalia as being the sole motivator behind this whole heinous plan?

In perhaps one of the strangest police videos I’ve seen, Dalia ‘makes her bed’ in a one on one conversation with the man in which she believes is going to kill her husband. After getting into this man’s vehicle in the middle of the day, Dalia goes down in detail about money exchanges, her husband’s routine, and even where she will place herself the morning of the murder to ensure her innocence. (Watch the full video here; you’ll understand how nuts this woman really is) The footage is absolutely mind blowing, and all I could think about while I watched was “wow, she’s really trying to say she didn’t do this,”… it was difficult not to laugh…p.s. for those of you who were looking to axe off your spouses, I also found out the hit men are quite affordable. This whole elaborate scheme was going to cost Dalia less than $5,000, quite within her price range if you consider the house she would have inherited was worth $200,000+

To end the crazy story, Florida police pulled a fast one on Dalia and played quite the prank. Just as she had discussed with the ‘hit man,’ Dalia left for the gym that Wednesday morning and received a phone call stating that her husband had been killed. Putting on a scene for the officers Dalia wailed and claimed her innocence only to be quickly handcuffed and brought to headquarters. The best part? Watching her husband walk in to greet her in the interrogation room.

What do you think? After reading the facts and watching the videos, do you believe that woman is as crazy as I think she is? Or do you believe that perhaps her manipulative husband worked out the whole thing with her to gain media attention? One article I read even claimed the couple was no different than the ‘balloon boy’ incident or even the couple that crashed the white house. Share your thoughts and comment on Facebook!

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