After receiving an anonymous tip from a concerned viewer, police were quick to arrest Jennifer Zuniga, 33, of Ceres California for not only allowing two teenage boys to fight on her property, but also encouraging the violence and cheering her son on. The event was videotaped by another bystander (whom also failed to break up the fight) and posted on YouTube quickly after where it was seen by the tipster whom notified police.

During the video, seen here, you can hear Jennifer screaming numerous obscenities, ensuring the children she would not call police for fighting on her property, and even goes as far as to throw out some tips to her son on how he can get the upper hand. Shortly after one of the teens begins to look like he may become seriously injured, a male neighbor steps in to break up the brawl.

Zuniga will be charged with child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. When asked “Why would you let them fight like this? What kind of role model are you? I found Jennifer’s reply of “I don’t care” quite alarming.

As we as a community get to know thyself and investigate the problems our youth faces, it is sickening to realize that many of these problems can stem from the role models young people are supposed to look up to the most…our parents. If it is not the responsibility of those that raise us to teach us wrong from right than whose responsibility is it? Teachers? Friends? Mentors? In my opinion, I wouldn’t want anyone instilling morals in my children besides ME. Society is corrupt enough as it is and I wouldn’t trust anyone to mold my child more than myself, so why aren’t parents stepping up to the plate?

What do you think? Clearly the parental role in this situation is inappropriate, but how much of parents behaviors can we use to account for the behavior of their children? Does this violence in youth stem from their up-bringing, or is there a point where an adolescent is responsible to rise above their raising? Was the punishment for this mother fair?

Share your thoughts on the actions of not only this mother in particular, but any thoughts on the impact parents have on their children’s behavior later in life.

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