Darryl Cathcart known as “Ay Benji was born in Buffalo, New York on January 16, 1989.

At the tender age of 8 months old, Benji was adopted by his great aunt Carolyn Tucker do to troubles with his biological parents . Darryl was a very active church member, in which he joined the children’s choir and also played the drums. At four years old Darryl found his passion for music. Darryl developed his passion for music by watching how the church pianist played every Sunday morning. By the age of 7 Ay Benji had learned to play almost every song he heard from album to radio, gospel to rock. Using his god given talent, Darryl played for multiple churches, and bands all over Western New York and the surrounding areas.

At the age of 10, Ay Benji moved to Los Angeles with his cousin actress: Debra Holt, while his aunt underwent 3 major hip replacement surgeries. Closer to his dreams of being in Hollywood, "Benji” began taking extensive piano and singing lessons with instructor Glenn Johnson.

Darryl attended University High School in Santa Monica, where he was well known for his lunch time shows he would organize throughout his high school career. Darryl help found many organizations at his school such as the B.S.U (black student union) bringing various radio stations to the school and being an active member of the football team. Senior year Benji began co teaching his unique playing style at the Perfectly Piano school in which he studied with Glenn Johnson.

Benji attended West Los Angeles Community college where he continued to learn more about his craft.

While working towards his bachelor degree in music, Darryl stays active on numerous amounts of projects working with rappers and singers and groups.

Ay Benji recently released his freshman album "R&B Playground" which includes, the hit single "POWER OF LOVE, IS IT YOU".

BENJI hopes to take the music business by storm by introducing a new style, a new sound of music in which he calls…FUTURE MUSIK!! And to one day be known as one of the greatest ever to hit the stage.

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