I met this beautiful young lady three years ago and I was amazed at how good Ms. Mamie still looked. You know what they say--"black don't crack," and Mamie Kirkland was living proof.

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Born in Ellisville, Mississippi on September 3, 1908, Mamie was a mother to 9 and really was a mother figure to the whole east side of Buffalo community.

Her son Tarabu Kirkland told WGRZ:

"She saw two world wars, Great Depression, first atomic bomb and the first man on the moon. She lived through 20 presidents, including the first black president, which is something she never imagined would happen in her lifetime."

He also told WGRZ that he was putting together a documentary called "100 Years From Mississippi", which will be a film based on Ms. Kirkland's life. Check out the website for this amazing piece of history https://100yearsfrommississippi.com.

If you'd like to honor Mamie Kirkland, her funeral arrangements are set for this Friday, January 3rd at the First Shiloh Baptist Church on Pine Street.


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