There is a unique event coming up September 25 in Buffalo that will allow you to see behind the scenes at downtown buildings and away the most have never done.

I found this information on Instagram about “Doors Open Buffalo”.

According to their website, Doors Open Buffalo is free and will give you access to some of downtown’s most significant buildings. All CDC guidelines will be followed on the date of the event.

In the past, 3800 visitors attended with 34,000 visits across all 40 locations.

We are so lucky to have such a magnificent architecture in downtown Buffalo and the surrounding area. As a matter of fact, people come from all over the world to see what the Queen city looks like from an architectural perspective. I have worked in the rand building here in downtown Buffalo for nearly 26 years and truly have never seen the entire thing. Just going through the doors in the front, to the elevator, to our floor, does not give you the perspective that this particular event will do on September 25.

Can you imagine what must go into heating a building like this? Or perhaps what the history is of the design and what story is behind the look at the building? These are the types of questions that will have answers on the date of the event. You will need to register for this and it is a great way to see the beautiful Buffalo buildings up close and in person!

Some of the buildings on the list include Buffalo Harbor Museum, the Buffalo Library, City Hall, the Electric Tower and others! Get your family together and get ready for a great day to recognize the history and beauty of these magnificent Buffalo buildings.

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