Businesses all over Western New York have been really feeling the pinch of the pandemic, this has been a familiar trend for many for the better part of this year.

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According to WGRZ, the Buffalo Zoo, which is a non-profit lost four million in revenue this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Officials for the Buffalo Zoo say that there most likely not going to be able to recover from this financially for at least three years.

The Buffalo Zoo opened here over one hundred years ago and has been an iconic place in Buffalo for as long as I can remember. The president and CEO, Norah Fletchall says that loss in revenue is the largest economic loss the zoo has ever had.

According to WGRZ, 20 percent of the Buffalo Zoo's funding comes from the City of Buffalo, Erie County, and the state, the other 80 percent of the money raised is through attendance, memberships, events, and donations. Norah Fletchall said.

We are doing everything we can to avoid shutting down the zoo. That's why we are going out with our annual appeal, like we do every year, to ask people to help. But I'll tell you, this is the most challenging time in the zoo's history that we are aware of.


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