Yes, you read that right. Amari, a gorilla at the Buffalo Zoo, is going to Atlanta to 'get some' (you know what lol).

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She's packing her 'spinnanight bag' to go get some! Amari the gorilla is heading down to Atlanta so she can start a family, according to WGRZ. The 10-year-old western lowland gorilla will be departing from the Buffalo Zoo. She's saying goodbye to Western New York and heading down to the Atlanta Zoo to help make sure her species doesn't become extinct.

Amari's new 'bae' is named Willie B., Jr. I guess 'age ain't nothin but a number,' in this case, because she's 10-years-old and he is 22-years-old. Willie B., which just sounds like a player name, has been living with a bunch of other bachelor gorillas, so I'm sure he's excited for his new boo thang to arrive. Two other female gorillas, Kambera and Shalia, from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, will be joining Amari for this extended girls trip.

The Buffalo Zoo, the Zoo Atlanta in Georgia, and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio have a partnership, according to the Buffalo Zoo President and CEO, Norah Fletchall,

“The cooperation and collaboration with two other highly-regarded and accredited zoos is just another example of how the Buffalo Zoo is going beyond just being a local attraction. We’re making a difference and enhancing the long-term survival for Western lowland gorillas and many other critically endangered species.”

Let me just say, I know my dating life is bad when a gorilla has a 'D appointment' and I don't!

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