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If there was any question about how much snow Buffalo has gotten in the past few days, wonder no more. As I was driving around today, I spotted quite a few snow mountains, some almost as tall as two-story houses! Sometimes we don't realize how much snow has accumulated until we see it piled up around the city. The crazy thing to me, being that I didn't grow up here, is that it will take a while for these snow mountains to actually melt. And God forbid we get more heavy snow, they could be here until spring. When I post pictures like this on social media, people who are not from Buffalo or places with similar winters are always blown away. They can't believe how much snow we get. It's funny because when I lived down south, just a few sprinkles of snow would shut the city down. If southerners had to deal with Buffalo's weather, they would probably go crazy.

I have no doubt that these snow mountains will grow in the next couple of days. Looking at the weather, WNY is expected to get snow tomorrow, and Friday. We'll get a little break over the weekend, then it looks like more snow is on the way Monday and Tuesday. Hey, at least we're not in Texas, where they were definitely not prepared for the snow they got. I have friends there who still don't have power. If I'm going to live somewhere that it could snow, I'd much rather be somewhere that is prepared for it.

Snow Mountains in Buffalo

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