Buffalo Public Schools is providing some students with laptops.

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Buffalo Public Schools distributed laptops to students in elementary and middle school yesterday, but it's not too late to get one for your child. Students in grades pre-K through 2nd grade are not eligible to receive a laptop, according to WGRZ. According to the district, all of the laptops have been sanitized.

"It is a huge lift because we want to be very precise in terms of one making sure we target the needs of the district based on the needs of the district. ~ Myra Burden, the Buffalo Public School's chief technology officer via WGRZ

If your child is in elementary or middle school and you were not able to make the pick-up on Tuesday, you can contact the principal of your child's school or the Buffalo Schools Community Help Line at 716-816-7100. The district is also working to give all students access to the internet. The New York Smart Schools Review Board is reviewing the proposal for funding to secure 20,000 hotspots.

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