Rising snow totals and below freezing temps have caused officials from the Buffalo Public School system to announce the closure of Buffalo school buildings for a second straight day to switch to remote learning.

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The snow and ice storm that started to blow into Buffalo late on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 has snarled traffic throughout the region and caused quite a few businesses and school systems to close as a preventative measure. This include the Buffalo Public Schools which announced yesterday on their Facebook page they were switching to remote learning.

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Like yesterday, all Buffalo school buildings are closed for in-person classes, and all students, along with school-based personnel, should switch to remote instructions on Friday, February 4, 2022. All school supported transportation is cancelled to ensure kids aren't out trying to navigate snow clogged streets.

With students and teachers switching to remote learning, they are expected to follow their normal class schedule online using Microsoft Teams and the Schoology App.

Even thought the actual school buildings are closed to students and school-based staff, all BPS central office staff and non-school based employees are still required to report to their normal worksites.

The Buffalo Public Schools are not the only local schools system that is making decisions about whether they should open for in-person learning or not. You can find a full list of current closures right here on our school closings page.

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When this storm is completed, various weather officials expect that more than a foot of snow will have fallen in Buffalo. If you're out and about, you can do your part to help by making sure you legally park your car. Officials in the City of Buffalo will be enforcing all parking rules and regulations throughout the city as snow removal crews are working.

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