Buffalo Public Schools has issued new grading procedures for students.

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The third quarter has been extended until June 19th for students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade, according to WGRZ. Students in grades k-2 will receive either an incomplete, satisfactory or outstanding grade for the third quarter. It will account for 50 percent of the child's overall grade. The third quarter will be counted twice.

Third through sixth grade students' grades have been frozen. If the student's grade was 59 percent or below as of March 13th, it will be rounded up to 60 percent. Any assignments that the student has done since March 13th will help improve the grade. As with younger students, the third quarter will be counted twice. A final grade of 'incomplete' will be issued to students with an average of zero to 64 percent. If a student has a grade of 65 to 85 percent, the students will receive a 'satisfactory' grade. Students with grades of 86 percent or more will get an 'outstanding' grade.

The grades of students in seventh through twelfth grades have also been frozen and will be based on what grades they had as of March 13. Students with grades of 49 percent or below will receive a 50 percent and any work done after March 13th will improve their grades. The third quarter will be counted twice. Any student with an average of below 65 percent will receive an 'incomplete' grade and may have to enroll in summer school.

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