Schools in the city of Buffalo have had a history of hard times and poor performance. However, over the last several years, high school graduation rates in the City have been steadily increasing.

While Buffalo isn't the only local school district that had it's struggles with graduation rates, it often receives the most local attention due to the fact that it's the largest school district in the area and the second-largest district in the entire state.

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While several school districts in New York State were able to achieve a 100% graduation rate, none of those districts were in Western New York.

Now, while none of the local distractions were able to get a 100% graduation rate, one school in Buffalo was able to do it and it has officials from all over the area super proud.

Buffalo's Leonardo Da Vinci High School was able to graduate all of its students for the 2021-22 school year. They also were able to do so with no students dropping out either.

According to a news story by The Buffalo News, da Vinci High School was able to do this after being on remote learning for two years all the while searching for a new home as their current location on the D'Youville University campus no longer meets the needs of this successful high school. da Vinci is on the move to its new home at Buckham Hall on the Buffalo State campus.

The school uses a combination of mental, emotional, and educational supports to ensure students have all the tools they need to be successful, and that all seems to be working based on their achievements.

More Teachers Are Needed

School officials across the area are trying to replicate the successes of da Vinci and to do that over time, the school systems are going to need new teachers.

Many education professionals expect there to be more than 180,000 new teachers needed over the next several years to prevent the teaching shortage that is on the way. Luckily there is a new program out to help people become teachers.

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