Buffalo Public Schools will give parents the option to have their children to learn virtually for the fall semester.

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"It's an exciting time, but it's also a worrying time." ~ Dr. Kriner Cash, the BPS Superintendent via Facebook Live

During the "BPS Reopening Parent/General Public Meeting," held via Facebook live on Monday, August 10, the district addressed various concerns that parents have about sending their children back to school.  Dr. Kriner Cash, the BPS Superintendent said the broadcast is designed to allow the community to address concerns and questions.  He said it is not the district's plan, it's "your plan."

Dr. Cash said that he wants to have a phased reopening, but is open to feedback.  A caller asked if parents can choose the option of just distance learning for their child. Dr. Cash responded,

"That is is an option that we are posing to our parents at this time. So yes, it is one of three broad options for our parents to consider at this time.  Short answer's yes.  And we will be working out in the coming days and weeks what exactly you need as a parent, for your child and your family from the district, in order for you to have a successful year of remote learning or the first part of the year, first three or four months, in that option."

Dr. Cash went on to say that the decisions will be guided by science, since this is a fluid situation. He also said that children with special needs will have the same options as children in general education.

Dr. Cash said that the State of New York had about a dozen requirements that the district address in its reopening plan.  Dr. Cash said he looked at reopening plans from around the country to see what might be useful to Buffalo. You can see the district's reopening plan here.


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