I have been scrambling for weeks now trying to get a new computer for my child to be prepared for this school year. According to WGRZ, there is a real concern, many parents are not sure if they are able to have internet access or laptops due to supply and demand issues.

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According to WGRZ, education officials say all the schools are competing for school supplies, like computers and hotspots, and because they are competing with every other state in the country, there is not enough to supply to meet the demand of everyone.

According to WGRZ, Kim Wilkins, deputy commissioner of the State Education Department says,

We have districts that went ahead and used our funding sources in March, April and May, to order devices and they still do not have devices right now. There is a supply-and -demand issue becaues we're competing with 49 other states.

In my opinion, school districts should have more time for planning, and give time for the supply to catch up with the demand for the things students will need for the school year. According to WGRZ, Shannon Tahoe said,

This is a huge issue, we also have to find out a way to find a funding mechanism for districts to access to devices, and we have rasied these issues with the Govenor's office many times.

I hope there is a much better solution to this huge issue before school starts.



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