Buffalo Public Schools has released its gender policy, effective immediately! Do you think the policy is fair?

Credit: WGRZ

Buffalo Public Schools has put its gender identity policy in effect! The policy, which creates guidelines for students who are transgender and gender non-conforming, was approved by the school board Wednesday night! It was approved 8-1 with Carl Paladino being the only board member to vote against it. Will Keresztes, the district's Chief of Intergovernmental Affairs, says the BPS policy is more comprehensive than the State's, according to WGRZ. Included in the policy, is how the district handles record-keeping for those students and confidentiality. It also states that any student, transgender or not, can request private, separate areas or a single-stall restroom.

Part of the policy provides students with alternative options:

"The District shall help assure privacy for all students and athletes in every locker room by providing private, enclosed changing areas, showers, and toilets for any student or athlete who desires them. The provision of private areas shall be made available to all students, transgender or not, in a non-stigmatizing manner; recognizing that all students have a variety of reasons for which they may prefer to change or shower in a private area," according to WGRZ.

Credit: WBFO via Youtube

Credit: WBFO via Youtube

I couldn't find a copy of the policy in its entirety, but from what has been made public so far, do you think it's fair?

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