All it takes are students who want to make a difference coupled with a Teacher who wants to make a difference in a child's life.  There aren't many Students and Teachers who embrace this task like the 3 students and one teacher involved in a "SPUD LAUNCH"...the launching of potatoes into space!

I called School # 74, Hamlin Park School and was lucky enough to speak with the Teacher who is advising the students, Mr.  Andrew Franz!  Mr. Franz spoke very highly of the three girls, Toriana Cornwell, Gabrielle Melendez, and Shaniylah Welch, all 3 of whom will actually travel to Cape Canaveral to watch their potatoes launched into space.  The girls aspire to be Scientists.  This is a very fitting Black History Month story in the wake of the New Movie, Hidden Figures" which is the story of two African-American NASA Mathematicians Women, Katherine G. Johnson and Gloria Vaughn...who, according to WIKIPEDIA, calculated flight trajectories for Project Mercury, as well as the flight trajectories for the Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 missions, which also involved the Late and Former Astronaut John Glen..

The potatoes are not just your regular potatoes; they're Genetically Enhanced Potatoes from Cornell University.  The girls will retrieve the potatoes when the come back from space and continue to examine them.



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