Former Buffalo Police officer Cariol Horne was featured on 'CBS This Morning, to share her story about being dismissed from the Buffalo Police Department, for stopping a fellow officer from using what she said was excessive force.

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Credit: CBS This Morning via Youtube

Jericka Duncan from CBS News, who said she used to work in Buffalo when the incident happened, spoke with Cariol Friday (June 19) morning.  Many people in Buffalo are familiar with the case, where Cariol was fired after stopping her partner, a white officer, from choking a black man in their custody. She was dismissed from the Buffalo Police Department in 2008 and had to forfeit her pension.

The department took disciplinary action against Cariol, according to WIVB, firing her just before she was eligible for her full pension. Cariol worked for the force for 20 years. Her former partner, Greg Kwiatkowski, sued her and her attorney for defamation. In 2011, a judge ruled in Kwiatkowski's favor. Conversely, a jury found that the officer was not guilty of harming the man in custody, Neal Mack.

“He was choking me. I was handcuffed. Cariol Horne said, ‘You killing him, Greg,’ and she reached over and tried to grab his hand around my neck." ~ Neal Mack via WIVB

In 2018, Kwiatkowski spent four months in federal prison for Kwiatkowski, after being convicted of using “unlawful and unreasonable force," according to WIVB. That case involved four African-American teens. Cariol wants to see Cariol’s Law get passed, which would protect police officers who do the right thing and stop police abuse and excessive force. Meanwhile, the New York State Legislature repealed Civil Rights Law 50-a, which now allows the media and community-at-large, to view police officers disciplinary records.

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