Imagine having a job with the City of Buffalo, and you know you're not doing what that job is paying you to do or, doing that job in the worst way possible. That is the case for one Buffalo Police officer. According to WGRZ, his bosses want to fire him, but yet Jim Hassett still has a job.

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Joeseph R. Hassett has a backround that has tarnished his credibility as an officer, and cannot be called to the witness stand in any pending or future criminal action, said DA John Flynn according to WGRZ.

Credit WGRZ,

Part of the reason for Hassett still having a job on the police force is because of his union contract. Not only is he an example of what many people would call a "dirty cop" but he's still patrolling the streets. According to the investigative post, Hassett's record of complaints makes him something of a poster child for critics of the department.

In my opinion, if the police department is ever going to rebuild and gain the trust of the people of this community, situations like this will have to be handled. There is already a bad stigma in the enter-city, as it relates to some Buffalo police officers.

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