A Buffalo Police officer, who has been at the heart of community policing in the City, is retiring.

I'm happy Captain Steve Nichols is retiring, giving him a chance to enjoy the fruits of his labor, but I'm also sad to hear the news. I've personally seen this man on the grill, greeting and serving community members, in various neighborhoods in Buffalo. I've seen him at community basketball games, block parties, back-to-school giveaways, and so many other events around our city.

“You can't do this job alone — policing is about community,” ~ Buffalo Police Department Captain, Steve Nichols

After 23-years with the Buffalo Police Department, Captain Nichols has decided to retire. He's stepping aside to allow some new blood to take the lead in community policing. Whoever continues the Department's work in community policing has some big shoes to fill! Captain Nichols has been able to create a bridge between the Department and communities of color in Buffalo. He's fostered so many important relationships and opened lines of communication with people who are not the most trusting of police. He says we all have something in common, regardless of race or nationality, according to WGRZ,

"We all come from somewhere. There are very few people in this country other than the indigenous people — the native people that are from this country. And, you know, the opportunity to make life a little bit easier for some people, to come here from another place and not speak the language — and I think about how hard it must be to go to somewhere where you don't know anybody, you don't speak the language."

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Captain Steve Nichols Made a Difference in Policing in Buffalo

Captain Nichols spoke to WIVB about how much effort he put into the job of leading the Department's community outreach efforts,

“Seven days a week, 16-18 hours a day, it just felt time, and truthfully I think it’s a good time for somebody new to take over, things are a little slower now and community outreach, the Mayor will tell you, it’s overwhelming.”

I've had the pleasure of working with Captain Nichols on the "Run the World (Girls)" empowerment event, organized by Power 93.7 WBLK, the City of Buffalo, and the Buffalo Police Department. Throughout the planning process and event, Captain Nichols was so supportive of the event and the cause - women's empowerment. He's also personally invited me and the station to be a part of the many block-parties and community events that the Department held before COVID-19. He led with his heart and he will be missed!

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