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An officer from the Buffalo Police Department was arrested on multiple charges that stem from a domestic violence incident last week.

It's being reported by WKBW-TV that Irvin Gaymon, who works as a law enforcement officer for the Buffalo Police Department, was arrested as a result of an altercation that occurred in a Buffalo home in the early morning hours on Wednesday, March 10th.

According to officials, Irvin is accused of assaulting a Buffalo woman, pushing her to the floor. While on the floor, it's alleged that he stepped on her leg with one foot, while stepping down on her neck with another foot. The result of this caused the victim to not be able to breathe for a period of time.

The 33-year-old Gaymon was charged by the Erie County District Attorneys' office with two misdemeanor criminal counts, one count of Second Degree Harassment, and one count of Criminal Obstruction of Breathing or Blood Circulation.

Gaymon was released from the Erie County Holding Center after posting bail. His next court date is scheduled for sometime in May 2021.

Officials from the Buffalo Police Department have not yet released what disciplinary action has been taken against Gaymon, or what actions may be pending.

I understand police officers are regular people just like you and me, and more importantly that things happen to everyone. However, if these allegations are true, this story is 100 percent unacceptable. The Buffalo Police Department has a long way to go to rebuild the trust they should have in the community, and while efforts like the de-escalation training that officers are now receiving help, incidents like this do not.

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