Another weekend, another shooting. Buffalo police are investigating another shooting that happened Friday.

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There has been another shooting in Buffalo. This incident happened on Friday night around 7 pm, according to WKBW. The Buffalo Police Department is investigating the shooting, which happened near Federal and Kensington Avenue. The victim, a man, was shot multiple times.  He was transported to Erie County Medical Center. He was suffering from serious injuries. If you have any information that will help police, please contact the confidential tip line at (716) 847-2255.

Every weekend there seem to be senseless shootings in Buffalo and even Niagara Falls. I'm wondering if, and when, the violence will stop. Is it going to take winter and polar vortexes in order for people to find more productive, non-violent ways to solve their problems?  According to WKBW, shootings in Niagara Falls are up 300 percent!  How in thee hell have we, the community, the police, the local government, allowed shootings in one Western New York city to increase by that much?  It's horrible for victims and families, it's embarrassing to our community and it's dangerous to people who just want to live peacefully.

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