I believe most people can agree that there should be a better way of dealing with mental health issues when it comes to law enforcement and people with a mental illness.

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According to WGRZ, A group 'Allies for Black Justice' gathered outside of Buffalo City Hall to express their concerns over the new proposed non-lethal tool, BolaWraps. This is an idea to help restrain people in a non-lethal way.

According to WGRZ, Eve Shippens of Allies for Black Justice said,

This is a step in the wrong direction. Non-lethal is not non-harmful, and we very much believe that we should be using counselors, not cops, especially when it comes to responding to a mental health crisis.

If your not aware of what a BolaWrap is, this is a tool with a cord and fish hooks used to restrain a person around their waist or knees. According to WGRZ, Mayor Byron Brown said the city is doing research on the device and it is seeing mixed results.

In my opinion, this is a serious issue, I see people that are homeless and in many cases, they have some kind of mental illness. I have personally witnessed a situation with a person that had a mental problem and was behaving in a manner that would warrant an arrest, in my opinion, thankfully it was handled with care and no one was harmed.

According to WGRZ, Allies for Black Justice, say they want Daniel's Law to be ratified, which would prevent police officers from responding to mental health calls.

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