This happened to me and I was devastated.  I bought a puppy for my boys, which they loved so much and the puppy loved them back was a perfect union....but that relationship ended abruptly after a few weeks when someone stole the puppy right out of our very own backyard.  Whoever it was had to have planned this pet abduction because the amount of time that surpassed between leaving the puppy in the yard and going in and out , was no more than 3-4 minutes.  That's all it took for this particular 'Pet Theft' to take place.

It's not talked about often but according to the website PAWS, Pet Theft is far more common than you could ever imagine with an astounding.  According to the Pet FBI ( and Last Chance for Animals, based in Los Angeles, estimates that two million pets are stolen every year.

Now, there's a local and recent story in Buffalo that showed up in the News yesterday regarding Pet Theft here.  If you have any info after watching this News Report please contact the Buffalo Police Department.


Pet Theft 1


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