As New York begins to slowly open up, some of our favorite summer activities are returning - that includes Buffalo Pedal Tours.

If you've been to the city over the last couple of years in the summer, you've probably seen them pedaling their way through the streets while singing and hollering.  It's a long mobile bar that is propelled by people pedaling as they would on a bicycle.  Only there are normally around 20 of them each with a set of pedals at their feet.

It's a cool way to see the city and enjoy a drink or two with some friends on a nice night.  And it looks like they're going to be back in business and out on the streets again soon.

Of course they also expect to comply with state regulations and will limit the number of people in a party to 10.

The good news though is that the price will also be reduced and will remain reduced for the entire 2020 season!

If you've ever been on a tour with Buffalo Pedal Tours, you know that they are a bring your own" type of business.  So if you want alcohol, you will bring it yourself.  However, when the bars finally open up, they offer the option to stop at them along the way also.

Maybe you're looking for a team building option for your workplace or you have a bachelorette or bachelor party to plan.  Maybe you've got family coming into town and you're looking for a cool way to show them your city and spend some time together too.  This is a cool way to do it!  Visit their website for their COVID19 policy and book your trip now as they will book up fast!

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