It’s hard to believe that anyone would call us “absolutely shameful.” After all, we are known as “The City of Good Neighbors.” 

However, one Western New York town is getting slammed after people witnessed some questionable behavior over the weekend, and now it’s getting serious attention on social media. 

Chris Ferreira shared the experience he had with his son at one of the crosswalks in town. 


Photo Credit: Facebook Group
Photo Credit: Facebook Group

For being such a quaint town, East Aurora has the worst crosswalk and stop sign manners. A black Audi Q5 just accelerated through a crosswalk that my son and I were entering in front of Pasquale’s. Please obey crosswalk pedestrian traffic; if not for me then my children.

You always see those signs that say, “DRIVE LIKE YOUR KIDS LIVE HERE,” yet it seems like people never do. 

Nicole Costello Hirschfelt responded to the thread, saying that she saw the situation happen.

I was STOPPED at the crosswalk in my car, waiting for someone to walk across,” Costello Hirschfelt said. “And a car passed me on the right… almost hitting the people walking even as I laid on my horn to try and make sure the people walking saw or the car would stop and not hit the people walking.

“Made me so angry,” she said.

Many people from East Aurora have expressed their disdain for the way the crosswalks are handled, with a few people even calling it “absolutely shameful.”

A majority of residents are calling for some kind of police presence at these crosswalks to ensure that their kids can cross safely. 

You can read more of what people had to say here

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