This list is rude! How about that?! The rest of America loves to hate us New Yorkers, that's for sure. We just can't seem to shake our reputation of being considered jerks. MoneyWise has compiled a list of the 'Inconsiderate and Ill-mannered: 25 Rudest States in America,' and we're on top (because we're the best). The author Serah Louis says,

It’s a surprise to literally no one that New York takes the cake for rude behaviour — locals have a reputation for pushing their way through crowds (to be fair, it’s a pretty congested area), swearing on the streets and honking their way through traffic.

Buffalo and New York City are listed as the rudest cities in the rudest state. The best of the best, baby. Our rudeness score is 100.05. Ironically, some rude person on Quora named Jennifer R. Fischer claims,

‘Rude’ is too mild or too cutesy a word for what New Yorkers are. Most of the population is highly narcissistic, highly judgmental, first rate bullies, and they can be downright evil. They're only ‘nice’ to those exactly like them, or to look ‘good’ in front of certain people so they'll gain something.

Well, tell us how you really feel Jennifer. Are you from NY too? Because that comment was also ill-mannered and inconsiderate.

Photo by Austin Pacheco on Unsplash
Photo by Austin Pacheco on Unsplash

Having lived in both New York City and currently Buffalo, I can say that we are not rude. We are about our business - booked and busy. We have too many things to do and places to go to be worried about constantly walking around smiling and asking everyone if they're having a good day. And if you don,t like, 'getouttahere!'


The top 5 states that MoneyWise considers the rudest are:

5. Alaska
4. Iowa
3. Washington
2. Virginia

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