I don't even read the physical The Buffalo Newspaper and I would be mad, too. You can't just change things like that and expect people to just 'go with the flow'. Luckily, they listened to their subscribers and are bringing them back!

The Buffalo News recently took out 3 of Buffalo's most beloved puzzles that have been in the paper for years and people were REALLY ticked off about it. They would call and email The Buffalo News about how disappointed they were. The puzzles that were taken out were the Daily Commuter crossword, Eugene Sheffer's crossword and Cryptoquip.

Well, squeaky wheel got the oil because The Buffalo News heard you. People don't like it when you change their habits especially, when it involves their entertainment and hobbies. Look what The News said below!

How much does it cost for a Buffalo News subscription? How much does it cost to just see articles online vs. getting the physical paper in your hand?

If you are old-school and still looking to get the physical newspaper you can get it 7 days a week and a digital subscription for $44.20 a month after all promotions have ended. If you want just digital only, you can sign up for $49.99 a year. 

Since this change, we've received many emails, voicemails and handwritten letters about the switch. We heard you: We're bringing back three of the most popular features. Starting today, we're adding back the Daily Commuter crossword, Eugene Sheffer's crossword and Cryptoquip. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us", according to the Buffalo News.

In case you are wondering what the Eugene Sheffer crossword in The Buffalo News is here you go.

And here is what Cryptoquip is:

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