Do you Agree/Disagree with Buffalo News Journalist, Jeff Miers? The Buffalo News journalist is the author of a Commentary, which downplays the hoopla surrounding Chris Brown's upcoming performance at Darien Lake on Aug. 19 (tomorrow) in favor of exposing his past Domestic Violence Felony Conviction, suggesting that parents talk to their kids about what Brown has done with respect to Rihanna along with other recent incidents where Brown has been verbally abusive to women.

Here's some of what Buffalo News Journalist Jeff Miers says in his Commentary:

Perhaps Brown’s coming to town can serve a purpose beyond entertainment. If your kids are going, if you’re taking family members or loved ones to the show, if you’re simply acting as chaperone – take the time to discuss the issues that Brown’s name inevitably raises. Ignoring the reality and allowing Brown’s pop idol status to paint a veneer of respectability around him is an insult to any and all who have suffered through the hell of domestic abuse.


Here's What One WBLK Listener Had To Say:

Comments & Reaction to the Buffalo News Commentary:

Very Well said..!
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Bob Smith

You last paragraph makes an excellent point and good advice. However, I expect few parents or grandparents who plan to take their kids to see this scumbag will heed your advice.
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