The Buffalo Chapter of the NAACP Celebrated their 100th Anniversary with a Gala & Dinner over the past weekend.

The Buffalo News headlines reads: 'Buffalo’s NAACP Chapter Marks 100 Years of Gains' but being honest with MYSELF, I thought for a moment and had to deal with the question that was prevalent in my thoughts...a question I wish I didn't have.  What has the NAACP actually accomplished in 100 Years in Buffalo, or in general?

My question is NOT to imply the organization has done "Nothing" or even anything close to "Nothing"; rather it's an admission (on my part) that I don't know, and I feel as though I should!  

I mean...I am a 'Colored' person, so I should know anything and everything this agency is doing to ADVANCE ME, any other 'Colored' person or the Community in general, but I DON'T.  Is that my fault...or the fault of the agency?

Well Congratulations to the Buffalo NAACP Chapter despite my ignorance as to what the organization does locally. I honestly don't know and really never did know much about what the NAACP does nationally.  I know the name well, but I know little of the agency's RECENT GAINS & CURRENT PURPOSE!

With that said; Do you think the NAACP is a still needed?  Is it still effective?  The name itself is without question grossly outdated. There are any number of Black/African-Americans people who are offended by the label 'COLORED'.  Also, ask yourself, "What Do I Know About The NAACP and Their Accomplishments in Buffalo or Nationwide?"

Please share your comments regarding this below (or on the WBLK Facebook Page.)

This is not meant to detract from any accomplishments the NAACP has celebrated over the past 100 Years in Buffalo. It's only an admission that, 'I don't know' and I'm wondering if it's just me!


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