I never new that Playboy Motor Car was made in Buffalo! Well, Playboy car enthusiasts are invited out to a car show revival of the brand on August 5th! Get the details here!

Credit: Franksrailworld Frank via Youtube

According to ForeverYoungWNY.com, "The Playboy Motor Car Corporation was founded in Buffalo in 1947 to make small cars, smaller than the original Volkswagen Beetle, for a post-World War II America with spending and suburban life on its mind. These little cars had a target price of $900. Playboy made one prototype, ninety-seven manufactured cars with serial numbers, and one unfinished car left on the assembly line before the money ran out. One is now in the downtown Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum."

Now, on Sunday, August 5, Playboy enthusiasts will host a car show at Paddock Chevrolet in Kenmore. At least fourteen of Playboys are expected to be there. The event will be held at Paddock Chevrolet, located at 3232 Delaware Ave in Kenmore, from 11 am to 4 pm! You can get more details on the 70th reunion here!

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