Warning: Looking at these pictures around lunchtime may lead to crankiness

So many of us are guilty of snapping pictures of our plates of food and sharing them on social media. Why, you ask? 

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Well, for one thing, everyone likes food. It’s the one thing on earth we all can bond over. We literally need it to survive, after all. Second, not everyone has the time or the money to have a delicious meal at the latest restaurant hot-spot. Third, when you have an amazing meal - we’re talking a life-changing, earth-shattering, die-happy-and-go-to-food-heaven type of meal - it’s indescribable. A photo of your plate is a way to keep that memory in your mind until you get to experience it all over again. 

That’s why Buffalo food-based Instagram accounts are so great - we can sneak a peak at the latest and greatest cuisine in our city while living vicariously through them - dreaming of the day we’ll get to take a bite ourselves. The pictures they post not only make our mouths water but also inspire us to possibly try something new. Who knows…maybe you’ll catch a picture in your feed of a delicious dish you can’t get out of your brain, finally get to try it, and discover your new favorite meal of all time. 

There are dozens of Buffalo-based Instagrams that are all things food, proving once again that we are one of the most delicious cities in the world. 

If you’re ready to drool (and get really mad at your tuna sandwich in the fridge), then get ready…

These are some of the tastiest-looking Buffalo foodie accounts on Instagram. 

These Buffalo Instagram Accounts Will Immediately Make Your Stomach Growl

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