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Buffalo Entrepreneur Davielle Jackson, CEO and Founder of Femi Secrets has been featured in Forbes Women.



What is Femi Secretes? Well according to www.FemiSecrets.com The story of Femi Secrets started in 2013, when founder and President, Davielle Jackson, set out to create a better solution for a friend who was experiencing heavy menstrual flow and leaking. The result was the Pretty Panty –  their signature product that features a fashionable panty and absorbent pad in one unit.

Source: YouTube Femi Secrets 

Today Femi Secrets provide women of all ages with quality sanitary products that provide the ultimate protection and make women feel safe, confident, and comfortable at all times.


Buffalo first learned of Davielle Jackson from the 43 North business competition which is, the largest business competition in the world. This competition has brought in hundreds of businesses who have had opportunity to grow their business in Buffalo but its clear that being a 2 time winner of the 43 North competition and the winning of follow on funding, Femi Secrets continues to grow and thrive.

When I first meet Davielle Jackson it was her passion for the cause she is pushing that won me over beyond just the business she built. I have often heard that great inventions are built from pain and frustration but I can say knowing this story, this business was built from passion.

Davielle shared

Crazy thing is, I was the first majority women owned and black owned business to enter Walmart and Target in the Feminine Hygiene sector! There was no Term “Fem Tech” until I created the market for it! I’ve paved the way for so many women who are able to enter retail now and I’m thankful for that. My goal has always been to help others create wealth and live their dreams and in so many ways it’s coming to fruition! 


According to www.FemiSecrets.com a childhood friend of Davielle Jackson, a serial entrepreneur, approached her about a problem she was having — prolonged and heavy menstrual flow caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). At the time, Jackson was a medical school student in a hospital rotation. She heard women raving about the disposal panites they received after giving birth. She saw a business opportunity.

In 2012, Jackson developed a prototype and manufactured it overseas. Her fashionable leak-proof panty with a built-in pad that is biodegradable, disposable, and comfortable became the first product from Femi Secrets.

In her recent article with Forbes Davielle shares her beginnings of kicking off her product in Walmart and later moving into Target.

According to the Forbes article

Check out the article and learn a lot more about Davielle Jackson and Femi Secrets.

Listen to my past interview with Davielle as she shares her G Codes to success in Business

Learn more about Femi Secrets HERE! 


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