100 + people gathered at Niagara Square in protest of New York State re-opening too slowly, according to WGRZ News report.   Although the State is moving in the direction of re-opening, one of the organizers of the demonstration is a New York State Assemblyman who believes the government isn't being truthful, according to the WGRZ News report.  New York State Assemblyman David DiPietro, a Republican from East Aurora, said this,.

"I don’t believe what the government is telling us."

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Governor Cuomo is cautious of opening up the entire State too early, according to the WGRZ News report, saying:

“We don’t want to make a mistake now and go back to a spike. It's our actions that are creating the infections."

However, New York State Assemblyman David DiPietro shared this with WGRZ, 

"When you can go to a Walmart with 8,000 to 10,000 people a day, but your bike shop in your own little town can't see five or 10 people because they're deemed a health hazard, that is ridiculous, and this has all got to stop.  We're adults, and if we've got an underlying problem we can stay home but if you have to open your business to survive like the thousands I’ve spoken to who can’t feed their families then we need to open up.”

Assemblyman David DiPietro's comment made me think and ask myself why the larger establishments can be open while smaller businesses can't.  Upon further thought, I came up with the fact that the stores that are open have very little social interaction.  When your shopping at the grocery store or Walmart there's very little intimate conversation...thus, a mask is not. problem.  However, smaller businesses are more conducive to intimate social interaction and conversation, such as a restaurant or bar.


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