If you haven't been tested for COVID-19 and have no symptoms but your still nervous that you may have contracted it unknowingly, you can get tested.   Better yet, here's a map showing where there's a Testing Site near you.

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LIVE UPDATES: Coronavirus in Buffalo, NY

If you are a Health Care entity or Professional and would like to submit information regarding a testing site that isn't listed, please click the link below to submit the information.

These are frightening times, somewhat similar to a time when HIV-AIDS was unfamiliar to us and appeared seemingly out of nowhere and then ultimately blamed on gorillas or monkeys in Africa.  The difference between then and now is such that you can't be certain that you're not exposed to the coronavirus no matter how many precautions you take...aside form just staying home.  Staying home was not the directive with HIV because the ONLY way to catch it was primarily through sexual intercourse or sharing needles OR coming into contact with infected person's blood...all practices which were and are easy to accomplish.

According to a WBLK post from DJ Wire,  Eight Days of Hope, Jericho Road Community Health Center and the City of Buffalo Common Council will provide free walk-up COVID-19 testing along with antibody testing


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