While leaving the station the other day, I seen a group of students with medical stuff helping out some people in Lafayette square, they where dressed like Doctors and Nurses. I really caught me off guard because they where helping out homeless people.

Turn out that they are apart of a bigger cause. This is what i found out. UB HEALS is a group of medical students at the University at Buffalo out on the streets offering free medical care for Buffalo's homeless population.These students have recognized a need in our community and organized the volunteer group.


For those colder months , UB HEALS could also use donations of gloves, scarves and hats to give to the people they serve. The group has had about 2500 patient encounters. The students do rounds in Buffalo on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is why I seen them the other day. They also help raise funds during a crowdfunding campaign. For more details click this here.

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