A Buffalo college student paid a person to do their homework and then that person threatened with violence against students and a professor.

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The student who paid to have Cha Vang do their homework is from Jamestown, but attended college in Buffalo. According to WKBW, the student reached out to Vang via Twitter last year in October. The student shared his or her login information with Vang so that Vang could complete the math homework assignment. Vang was to be paid for the services.

Vang sent a request for payment to the student via Venmo. Vang, lives in Fresno, California, didn't receive payment from the student. The next day Vang sent out threatening messages from the student's account, including "you all gonna die" and "gonna bomb all of you." Students and a professor received the messages, under the guise that it was the student, not Vang. The FBI tracked down Vang, who confirmed that he sent the messages as retribution over non-payment. He has been charged with interstate communication threatening to injure a person. There has been no word on whether the student is facing any academic disciplinary action for hiring Vang to do the assignment.

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