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Chef Darian Bryan, who is the personal chef of Stefon Diggs of the Buffalo Bills and provides meal prep for other Bills Players, was featured on CBS News.

Chef Darian said he was surprised that he got a call to e featured on The Dish segment,

I couldn't believe it when the producer from the network most watched by America, asked me to be on a show that features the Country’s top chefs! This is starting to feel like a dream come true and it is only the beginning.

I had a chance to talk with Chef Darian about the Bills players for whom he prepares meals. He shared what their favorite meals are. We also spoke about his cook book, The Plating Society in-home dining experience and more.  Make sure you download the free WBLK app for Android or iPhone and turn on your notifications to check out all of our exclusive interviews.

Chef Darian moved to Buffalo from Jamaica when he was 20-years-old.  He got his start as a chef by helping his mother run her "cook shop," back in Jamaica.  He decided that he liked it and began to learn everything he could about cooking.

All of Chef Darian's hard work has paid off because not only is the personal chef to Stefon Diggs, he also has an e-cookbook, and his own company, The Plating Society, which provides in-home fine dining experiences.


Buffalo Bills Players Eat Lean, Low Fat and Lots of Pasta to Get Ready for Games

Chef Darian told me that Bills players eat lean meats with low fat profiles, pasta and grains like quinoa to get ready for games and to keep their bodies in peak condition. You'd be surprised, but some of them are even vegan. I've always been curious about what they eat. It's their job to be in great shape, so what they eat can make or break their performance abilities.

He says Stefon's favorite meals are breakfast for dinner, oxtails, and seafood. He says Gabe Davis loves seafood, oxtails, and pasta. Some of the players want bison steak, chicken breasts, meat without fat. Chef Darian says they each really have differing tastes.

Chef Darian has an awesome spirit! You can follow him on Instagram or book him here. You can check out his cookbook 'Healthy at Home: 15 Fresh Recipes' on Amazon.

In other Buffalo Bills' news, I was reading what Hassan wrote about the Buffalo Business Blitz getting a huge boost from Wegmans.  The initiative to help small businesses affected financially by COVID-19 is organized by Josh Norman of the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, and the City of Buffalo. It's so exciting to see all of these good things happening for the team, the players, fans and the people who support them.  I'm not a big football person, but all of these great things happening with the Bills and Buffalo puts a smile on my face!

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