What does WBLK really stand for? Who started this radio station? Why is it such a staple in America?

Come learn more about your favorite radio station as the Buffalo Broadcasters Association honors WBLK with a "50th Anniversary Award" at the annual
Radio Hall of Fame ceremony on Thursday, September 18th, 5:30pm at the WNED studios.

Buffalo Broadcasters Association


Contrary to popular belief, despite our format and target audience, our WBLK call letters do not stand for the word "BLacKper se; rather, they are a tribute to Benjamin L. Kulick, who was a major financial backer of the station when it first went on the air!

Check out what the Buffalo Broadcasters Association had to say about us:

"The Buffalo Broadcasters Association is proud to recognize WBLK - both the founding Lorenz family and Townsquare - as the station celebrates 50 years of service to the Buffalo area.

WBLK at 93.7FM is a "heritage station", meaning it has had just one format and the same set of call letters since its first day of broadcasting in December 1964. It was founded by legendary Buffalo radio personality George "Hound Dog" Lorenz.

Some famous names have graced the WBLK airwaves through the years - Bradley J. Cool, Ron Baskin, Don Robinson, Don Allen Sr. and Jr., Freddie Patrick, Doug Blakely and Debbie Sims. Today, syndicated host Tom Joyner airs during morning drive. Other members of the on-air staff include Program Director Chris Reynolds, Jazzy T, Todd Anderson and Brian James.