Whether we like it or not, living around and dealing with pests comes with living in urban and suburban areas. Of course, the two largest cities in New York State are no exception to this.

The Empire State has been dealing with serious issues surrounding Rats, Roaches, and Bed Bugs. Both Buffalo and New York City have routinely made the list of cities with the worst rat and bed bug programs, and now it looks like the bed bug problems in Buffalo are impacting local businesses as WKBW-TV is reporting that the offices of one such company is crawling with bed bugs.

Tesla's Gigafactory In Buffalo Is Infested With Bed Bugs

It seems that the massive factory in Buffalo's Riverbend neighborhood, which was built in 2014 and encompassed more than 1.2 million square feet, constructs Tesla Solar Panels and Super Charger devices has been dealing with issues from the critters for at least a week, according to reports from employees.

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The investigation that WKBW completed says that the company has taken steps to eradicate the pests, including chemicals that are supposed to kill the bugs. Still, those steps are now irritating the employees.

OSHA stated to reporters from WKBW that they had received several complaints and calls from staffers at the Tesla Factory, but when they attempted to look into it, no one from Tesla got back to them. OSHA is investigating, but current workplace regulations don't have any specific rules related to bed bugs.

Hopefully, this gets resolved quickly, as bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of.

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