Latrice " Author L Gleen" has been writing very entertaining, and sometimes very emotional books for quite a while now, she is also a small business owner and a well-liked, popular woman in the Buffalo community.

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According to WGRZ, Latrice is now on a mission to give back to Hospice. The motivation comes from the loss of her father. Hospice played a big role in giving her the comfort she needed to help her get through the very hard time of losing her dad.

For the month of December, Latrice has raised money for Hospice, she was so impressed with the care her dad had received, she is looking to help them out through donations.

It is dear to my heart because they assisted my father in his transition, and my father was very stubborn. It was a lot to let someone care for him and take care of him.

Said Latrice, According to WGRZ.

I have known Latrice "Author L Gleen"  since she was 13-years-old, she has always been very driven toward accomplishing goals With the help of the " The City of Good Neighbors", I'm sure this will be another goal that will be accomplished. To donate, you can visit Hospice Buffalo. In my opinion, it is always great to see young business owners doing great things in our community.

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