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Artist P.R.O.P. which stands for "peace restored on purpose" is more that just an artist. He's also helping to put other artists on and hopes to do more work to raise mental health awareness in the black community. 


The struggles P.R.O.P. has experienced and overcome in life inspired his latest album "The Growth" which he says is a reflection of just that....GROWTH. With the album, he feels that he's keeping real rap prevalent in today's hip hop landscape and is staying authentic to himself.  In addition to solidifying himself in the rap game, he's also helping other artists to do the same through his record label More Than Music and is already anticipating the debut of a new artist soon! His goal with More Than Music is to continue his vision with keeping music real and authentic.

Music isn't the only thing on P.R.O.P.'s mind, he also plans to advocate more for mental health in the black community as well. In conjunction with his sister who works in the field he plans to help spread awareness and create resources to support those in need.

I caught up the P.R.O.P. on my webshow #OnTheRoxx via IG Live and discussed we discussed the new album, his plans to help attack mental health in the black community, the upcoming plans for himself and other artists on his label More Than Music and more! Check it out below and be sure to listen to and support his new album "The Growth".

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