Yesterday was another action-packed show that you have to tell all your cousins about! So much was going on, just go to your break room and grab you daily coffee, come back to your cubicle and press play!

#WCW: Woman Crush Wednesday (Airman Deja Flakes)

Let’s go, here’s the letter:

Dear Brian’s World,
I nominate Deja Flakes (or Airman Flakes) as WCW because she is the first female in her family to join the United States Air Force. At the tender age of 20, she currently is a healthcare administrative specialist in the Air Force, setting the example for her two younger sisters. Her sister, who is 16, is now inspired to join the military next year. After losing her father, Phil B, who founded the Taste Of Soul, two months ago, everything she does now is for him, making him proud because she is not out in the streets, but serving her country! Her hard work, dedication and resilience should nominate her as next week’s Woman Crush Wednesday.
Thank You!

First of all, I want to say thank you to Airman Flakes for her dedication to this country’s freedom, and also a big thank you to all of those serving our country. It takes so much guts, zeal and courage to stand up for our country, much respected! I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your father; it takes resilience to be able to bounce back from something like that. To see that you are carrying on his legacy and making him happy, it’s amazing. It’s no doubt in my mind that you deserve to be this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday!
Continue being amazing, and a Queen….I salute you for your service; don’t let anything or anyone hold you back! Bless you….Keep in touch!

Ladies & Gentlemen, meet the lovely Airman Deja Flakes.

The Visa Report

Of course, everyone is talking about the Buffalo Racist rant, Luther Vandross finally getting a star on the walk of fame in Hollywood and 50 Cent working on new show! This and more inside The Visa Report!

Exclusive Interview with Narvell Benning

It's been a crazy day in Buffalo, as a video of a racist rant from a Buffalo stripper has surfaced around the internet. I was able to get a hold of the victim of the situation and recorder of the incident, Narvell Benning. Check this out. Powerful!