Downtown Buffalo is getting a new grocery store soon and it's hiring! The store, which is named the Braymiller Market, is expected to open on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, according to a sign on the door. The store is located at the corner of Ellicott and Clinton streets, right across from the downtown Central Library. The 20,000-square feet store was slated to open in the spring of 2021, then summer, so I am not sure how concrete the 15th is.

The owner, Stuart Green, is looking to recruit and hire new employees for the Braymiller Market. He hopes to hire around 60 employees for a variety of jobs, including full and part-time positions. People with all levels of experience are encouraged to apply. If you are interested, you can complete the application at Braymiller Market is also partnering with the City of Buffalo to recruit through the Buffalo Employment Training Center.

In a press release I received, Braymiller Market owner Stuart Green said,

“We’re not yet ready to open, but we want to start recruiting and hiring essential workers and discussing career opportunities with them. We’re very excited about bringing our perishable food formula to a downtown neighborhood that was long promised better access to fresh food.”

Braymiller Grocery Store in Buffalo is Hiring Ahead of Grand Opening

Per the sign on the door, Braymiller is looking to hire the following (full and part-time):

- Drivers
- Mechanicals associates
- Maintenance associates
- Retail associates
- Wholesale associates
- Deli/meat/seafood associates
- Ice cream associates

You can also apply at or through the Buffalo Employment Training Center.

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The store will not only serve residents of existing condos and lofts downtown, it will also serve the people who move into the new building at 201 Ellicott Street.

By Yasmin Young
By Yasmin Young

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