The Buffalo Police Department began their introduction of body cameras on Sunday, March 18th during the St. Patrick's day parade in buffalo.

This is the beginning of a 4 month trail program that 26 officers will be wearing the new body cameras we will see.
The estimated cost of the new body cameras are ranging from $400 to $1000 per camera, with the the entire fleet estimated at $1-$1.5 Million. During the trial period BPD will be using two different types of cameras to figure out.

according to wkbw The video that is recorded by the body cameras would be kept on a cloud based storage system, Each video could be kept between 30 days and forever depending on the severity. Any video that is recorded could be submitted as evidence depending on the situation. If it is submitted as evidence, that means that video will not be released to the public.

Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Ronaldo said,

"This is an evidence collection device," "This is no different than a suspect statement, it is no different than collection of a piece of evidence at a scene."

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