It’s been more than a year now since Bobby Shmurda and his GS9 crew were arrested and slammed with a series of conspiracy, gun and drug charges on Dec. 17, 2014. With his new trial date set for May (it was pushed back from Feb. 22), Bobby is speaking out to his fans regarding his alleged crime history. In an exclusive interview with Revolt TV, the “Hot N***a” rhymer echoed what many on the streets have been saying: he and GS9 are being targeted by the NYPD.

"Really, I’m allowed to say everything [so] right now I want everybody to know that I’m being targeted by police, the prosecutor, I’m being targeted by Manhattan judges, everything,” Shmurda told Revolt. “It’s a bunch of injustice going on with my case. Like right now, we’re putting in motions I got several laws pertaining to my case, during my whole incarceration."

Bobby is using his time behind bars wisely. He’s dedicated to doing his own research and understanding the law. "I’ve been locked up for 14-15 months now [and] been in the law library, so I looked up several laws pertaining to my case saying that my bail isn’t supposed to be high and their violating the eighth amendment with that."

Shmurda’s research revealed what many fans have been saying since December 2014. According to Shmurda, the City of New York is handling his case all wrong. “They violating my constitutional rights, my civil rights, everything. I’m not even supposed to be in Manhattan right now, I want everybody to know that. All of this is claims. I got a narcotics D.A. and there’s no drugs caught in this case. There’s no drugs, no kingpin charges, nothing."

While Bobby holds his ground with his theory that the police have targeted him on account of his raw and graphic rap lyrics, his fate is in the hands of the jury who will hear the case at his trial on May 11.

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