The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is still going strong and as rallies continue throughout the Country, there was a local Black Lives Matter rally in Tonawanda and North Tonawanda yesterday (Thursday, August 13), according to WGRZ News reports. The Rally was a peaceful rally as that is the plight of all Black Lives Matter rallies.

Approximately 80 people gathered to rally for Black Lives Matter, Thursday, and were escorted by police through Tonawanda and North Tonawanda.  The event was sparked by a Facebook post, according to the WGRZ News report, saying that Black Lives Matter is not just a City of Buffalo issue, but also an entire Western New York issue where voices want and need to be heard statewide.

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A separate BLM Rally took place in Amherst last Sunday ( August 9, 2020) which was Amherst's third such rally complete with public speakers as well as music performers who performed 'racial justice music.  Organizers of the event said that they did get some backlash, but other residents who knew nothing about the event joined the peaceful rally, according to WGRZ,  Organizers also stated that the Amherst rallies are for the purposes of education as well as intended to support the mission of Black Lives Matter, according to WGRZ.

One of the Amherst BLM Rally organizers, Megan Koury of Amherst, said this about the Amherst BLM Rallies, according to the WGRZ News report: 

"We've had people park at protests and just come out who didn't even know it was happening, so I think it's really about education here in Amherst. There's a lot of things happening in the City of Buffalo, and we want to continue to bring it out into the suburbs, where they get that a little bit less."

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