It's been hard being a Bills fan over the last few weeks.

The Buffalo Bills lost a hard-fought game to the Cincinnati Bengals 18-24 and now have dropped 3 of the last 5 football games. By all accounts, the Bills should have won all of the games they've lost this year, and now fans all over the mafia are teetering on the verge of panicking.

While the NFL season is far from over for the Buffalo Bills, the likelihood of the hometown team making it to the playoffs is slipping away.

Currently, the Bills sit in 2nd place in the AFC East, and 8th place in the AFC as a whole are right on the bubble. The fact that all 4 teams in the AFC East lost this week helps the Bills, but if the NFL playoffs started today, the Bills would find themselves sitting at home watching the playoffs from the couch.

NFL Website
NFL Website

So, what are we to do? Is it time to panic?

With 8 more games to go for the Bills, hope is not lost for the playoffs, but there is some serious work that the team needs to do to ensure we don't continue to slip. One of the things the Bills need to start doing is playing complimentary football again - both the defense and offense working together to set each other up for success.

As a fan, it's already pretty stressful Watching a Bills game without the added worry about if the team is on the verge of imploding.

Only time will tell, but I'm not worried... Yet...

Let's go Buffalo.

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