Michael Jackson back in the day declared that Billie Jean was not his lover in the song that was certified platinum; it held the #1 position on Billboards Top 100 for 9 straight weeks back in 1983.

I remember when MTV first burst on the scene and how I spent countless hours on the first day that it began showing music videos. I thought it was very strange at the time that MTV never showed a black music video with so many great songs that were available during its debut—I mean I was so excited about this new video channel.

Then it happened on March 10th 1983 the day that MTV played “Billie Jean” the video that would turn the music channel into one of the greatest events in television history forever! Up until this day, MTV was 99% white. From this point on I religiously watched the music channel to see some of the best videos in music history!

Tell us about your fondest memories of the day the “Billie Jean” video debuted on MTV!

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